Should I Bail Them Out?

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When the phone rings and your loved one is in trouble, your response may vary. Bailing someone out of jail is a commitment that needs to be thought through carefully. Here are some things to consider when faced with this … Read More

Contempt of Court

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When a person commits a crime, a judge has can issue a bench warrant. This warrant requires that the defendant be arrested. The most likely reason a bench warrant is required is for failing to appear in court on the … Read More

Juvenile Offenses

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When an offender is younger the age of 18, they are often tried differently than adults. Depending on the defendants circumstances, charges can vary. A lot of decisions are based on the crime committed and the circumstances the defendant is … Read More

What Happens If a Soldier Is Arrested for DUI?

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A driving-under-the-influence (DUI) charge can have serious consequences, more so for active duty soldiers. A soldier arrested and charged for drunk driving can face both civilian penalties in accordance with state laws and military punishment. If a civilian police officer … Read More

Why Skipping Bail Should Never Be An Option

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Are you thinking about skipping bail? When you skip bail, you fail to show up to court. The court will attempt to find you, as will the bail bondsman. Skipping bail can seem like an attractive way to avoid sentencing, … Read More

Common Bail Bonds Terminology

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If someone you care about has been arrested and is currently in jail awaiting court proceedings, then you may want to help them post bail or bond. The world of bail bonds can be confusing to someone who has never … Read More

Your Role as a Co-Signer for a Bail Bond

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When a friend or family member has just been booked for a crime, it’s easy to start making decisions quickly. After all, you want them to be home and safe as soon as possible. However, in order to bail someone … Read More

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