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AA Best Bail Bonds specializes in providing San Antonio Bail Bond services to individuals who have been arrested and detained in the greater San Antonio area. By utilizing the services of AA Best Bail Bonds, individuals can avoid spending unnecessary time in jail and can continue with their daily lives until their court date. Our San Antonio bail bonds service allows defendants to maintain their employment, family responsibilities, and seek legal counsel to prepare for their case outside of the confines of a jail cell.

How does bail work?

Courts use bail as a guarantee that released defendants will return to court on a specified date. If the crime is minor, bail tends to be low. If the crime is serious or if the courts worry about the individual leaving the area, bail will be high. 
Our role at AA Best Bail Bonds is to pay the bond for you in exchange for a fee. (Also see:  Wikipedia – Bail Bondsman )

What information is needed for a bail bond?

Basic information about the person arrested.

  • Arrested person’s full name and date of birth
  • Crime accused of
  • Arrest booking number
  • Name of the Jail or correctional institution.

How long will it take to?

AA Best Bail Bonds is open 24 hours day and staffed to complete and turn in all paper work as fast as possible.  From that point, it will be up to the specific jail and their release schedule and workload.

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What type of bonds does AA Best Bail Bonds offer?

We provide Felony Bail Bonds, Misdemeanor Bail Bonds, DWI Bail Bonds, Traffic Bail Bonds, Immigration Bail Bonds and Non-Arrest Bail Bonds.

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