Public vs. Private Attorney

When you or a loved one gets into legal trouble, you want the best of the best to make the process go as smooth as possible. A common question when preparing for a court hearing is this: should one be assigned a public defender or hire a private lawyer? The answer is not as crystal clear as one may think, but we have some tips to help you make the best decision for the situation at hand.
Public Defenders
First and foremost, public defenders are given at no cost. It is a part of your legal rights as a citizen of the United States that you have the right to an appointed attorney. Unfortunately, these defenders typically have very busy schedules and cannot give as much time and attention to your case as a private lawyer could. Another risk to public defenders are that you have no control over who will be representing you— for some people, this is not a problem, but for others, they would rather have a say in who they are working with. Overall, public defenders are a great resource provided for defendants, but can risky.
Private Lawyers
When considering hiring a private lawyer, a couple things need to be noted. For one, these individuals are highly trained professionals who are experts in their given field. This definitely can be considered a benefit, although it may cost more than you can afford. Consider this: can I afford this private lawyer? If the hire will break the bank, we advise you rethink your options. If money is not an issue, private lawyers are great for cases because they can give one-on-one attention to your case, and they are dedicated to winning or dismissal. Their reputation is very important for future hires, so it is important to them that each case is handled with absolute care and attentiveness.
There are major pros and cons to both public defenders and private lawyers. When it comes to your case, we want to help guide you to what is best for your situations. Contact us today to discuss further about options regarding your case.
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